Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sex Is Not the Enemy


There, I said it. SEX.

And you know what? Religious wingnuts and Conservatives? They're obsessed.

There, I said it. OBSESSED.

Oh, no, this is fact. Just listen to how they speak. The signs they hold. The beliefs they stay strong to.

Sen. Tom Coburn's (R-OK) Chief of Staff recently made the claim that "All Pornography is Homosexual Pornography."

He claims that watching pornography makes you turn your sexual desires inward, making one gay.

Let me tell you something - I have only met a small number of people who don't watch porn. There's a reason the industry is huge. Granted, Gay porn makes up a stronger faction of the industry than the representative population, but a large chunk of that is likely because there are less opportunities for gay men to meet each other outside of the club and manhunt.

My point is, when it comes to gay people, why is it always the sex that's the big issue? For the longest time, being gay wasn't illegal, but having gaysex was.

It's always the sex. (also, that guy is my hero.) The problem is that when these homophobic conservative/religinazis think of "homosexual", they only hear "sexual", and that's what goes against their religion. Imagine if, when they thought of gay people, this was the image...:

...I think they'd have a different view on homosexuality. Ironically, the site that I got the photo from a website called homosin.com - Read this paragraph from the site:

"Some call homosexuality a "lifestyle". But is it though? Are homosexuals generally happy ("gay") or are they sad? The fact is that homosexuals have a very high rate of suicide. No, the sexual perversion of homosexuality is really a "death-style". Perhaps you are offended that homosexuals are called sex perverts. But actually, homosexuality is by definition a sexual perversion and so the term "sex pervert" is a correct term to use in describing a homosexual's perversion of the normal sexual relationship into one that is "against nature"."
By very nature, there is a lack of understanding in this community. I shouldn't have to tell you guys that a) We certainly don't call it a "lifestyle." Lifestyle indicates that "Homosexuality" is something we do on the weekends, like people who lead an "active lifestyle". b) Homosexuality is not, by definition, a "sexual perversion" - the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Association of Social Workers (to name a few) have all denounced the idea of Homosexuality being a mental disorder or perversion, and find Homosexual Reparative Therapy deplorable. That "High Rate of Suicide" may or may not be true, but the ones that kill themselves are often the ones in situation where the people they love won't accept them for who they are. My favorite part is the way they act like if you look up the term "Homosexual" in Webster's dictionary or Encyclopedia Brittanica, it'll read


[hoh-muh-sek-shoo-uhl or, especially Brit., -seks-yoo-] Show IPA
1. total sex pervert.
2. against nature, God.
3. faggot.

Fun fact - that's definitely not what the dictionary, encyclopedia, media, APA, or even Bible say.

Personally, I think it's very clear. These people are Sexually repressed. They want to have sex so bad that they take it out on us.

A lot of studies have been done that show that homophobic people are almost always sexually aroused by gay porn. I don't know how fair those studies are, considering erections are technically a reflex, and they may be a reflex to their anger for having to watch HOMOSEX.

Frankly, I think it's jealousy that we have sex. I mean, let's face it - how many gay men have you met that are waiting until marriage?

...but wait. Is that because we're gay? Alright, let's try this again. a) how many straight males do you know that are waiting until marriage to have sex? See, before I realized I was gay, that's what I used to tell people. "No, I'm just waiting until marriage." "...so what are you, gay?" "What? NO! I'm not gay, just Christian!" "...so, gay, right?"
So how many actually straight males are waiting until marriage? A whole lot fewer than the religious right wants to think. Basically, it's just The Jonas Brothers. Hey, isn't one of them getting married soon at the ripe old age of 21? Man, that's the right time for an emotionally immature Disney Pop sensation to get married and start a family, right? OH COME THE FUCK ON, HE'S GETTING MARRIED SO THEY CAN SEX!!! God DAMMIT, how see through can you get!
Sorry. *breathes* I'm okay, I'm okay.
Point is, guys are horny. Guys are horny as fuck. When you have two guys... well, they're gonna do it a lot sooner than a guy and a girl. (Don't get me wrong, girls are horny as fuck too - but in general, they want the guy to stick around, so they're not gonna fuck around too much. ...again, this is a general rule that does not apply to every girl. Especially not some of my friends....)

The other point is b) we can only get married in a few states. We can't exactly wait to have sex until we're married, can we? Not that many of us would, because just like our straight counterparts, we know that sex is freakin' awesome. If we weren't supposed to do it, then why did God make it so damn awesome? Darwin knows that we're supposed to do it, that's how Evolution works. We're supposed to wanna do it all day long until we die. That's life, baby. NO BABIES DO NOT WANT sorry I got scared for a second. *breathes*

So, uh yeah, long story short, the religious right can't have sex, and if they can't have sex then neither can we.

My number one beef with the religious right is the fact that they refuse to do any actual research. They make wild accusations and then defend it saying that you can't argue with God. Guess what - in a court of Law, God doesn't stand up all that well. Isn't that how religion works though? If you don't understand it, it must be an act of God? If you hate it, God must hate it too? Blind Faith? I'm not atheist, but I'm not particularly religious, either. Like... religion would be great if it didn't conflict with every bit of evidence. I'm a very scientific person, and as we all know, Religion and Science are Oil and Water. They don't mix, but while we need water more, oil somehow always ends up on top.

Point being, while it's not necessarily mandated, we do have a separation of Church and State in this country, and even if the Religious Right doesn't understand us and refuses to accept us, we do, as tax-paying citizens, have the absolute right to be free and get married. "Oh, but then men can marry dogs and shit!" Okay, I've already blogged about that, so I don't have to go into it again. Point being, I'm getting really sick of the uninformed and overrepresented deciding how to run my relatively mainstream life.

There are some studies that suggest that the more education you receive, the more liberal you become.

::edit:: I realized that I ended up on about sixteen different tangents and never got to my point. See, when I write these, I just write and write and write, do brief editing, and hit publish. All in all, it takes no more than half an hour, even for the longest posts.

The point I was trying to get to is that if the religious right would stop only caring about sex and realized that it isn't HOMOSEX we're fighting for, it's HOMOLOVE. They say that marriage is the ultimate commitment of love, so denying the GLBT community the right to get married is the same as saying we're incapable of love - and I've had my heart broken enough times to know that's far from the case. The religious right and anti-gay community lack love in their hearts, and therefore will never truly find the love of their greater power. Sure, we may have Sex on the brain, but most of us have Love on the brain, too. In the end, Love is the source of energy that fuels eye lazorz conquers all. Fear and hatemongering... actually, those things to a pretty good job. Love will always win though, as long as people like me still exist and want to keep love alive. ...join me?


Real quick, before I end this, I'd like to point out two things I learned recently.

1. When Bill Clinton signed DOMA, he actually did so to protect marriage. He knew that a bill was coming in soon that would completely ban gay marriage at a federal level, so that no states could allow it like Massachusetts. DOMA essentially took away Federal Government's ability to tell the states "No." Clinton knew he wouldn't be able to stop this marriage-banning bill, so he signed Defense of Marriage Act as a lesser-of-two-evils situation.

2. A long while back, President George Bush Jr. was to be giving some kind of a speech, and in it were supposed to be some pretty heavy things against homosexuality. He refused to use those parts of the speech, saying "I'm not gonna tell some gay kid in the audience he can't get married." There are such things as Compassionate Conservatives, and while not saying "no" isn't the same as saying "yes", it's better than... well... saying "no."

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  1. As usual you write about things that frustrate so many of us in the gay community but are seldom covered elsewhere. Informative, witty and just a little bit bitchy. Great article!