Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You gotta get with my friends...

Gabe Saporta is an awesome dude from this awesome band called Cobra Starship. I've been a pretty big fan of theirs since day one, and while their music's been going downhill, I'll always have a firm place in my heart for them. My favorite thing about Gabe is that he knows he's a complete dick. He's egotistical, narcissistic, and fucking brilliant. He knows what he's doing. G-A-B-E Gonna Get You High, as he proclaims in The Church of Hot Addiction. Here's a guy that makes music because it's what he loves. The Glitz and the Glamour really help though.

I feel like I fall in like with Gabe's philosophy a bit. I'm... kind of a dick. I was told by my friend Maureen that she wished I had worked in the mall with her, because I could have torn some of these kids a new asshole (she worked in Spencer's, where you can totally get away with it.) I don't disagree with her, I totally could have shredded some kids... but I have more fun shredding on my friends, 'cuz that's how I roll. You know I like you if I'm busting on you.

Don't get me wrong, my friends mean damn near everything to me. They're beautiful, wonderful creatures who never fail to get me drunk help me rise to the occasion. I'd be nowhere without my friends. Well, I'd be somewhere, but where I am is where I want to be. Sure, we have our ups and our downs, but in the long run, we know that we always got each others backs.

...my family kinda sucks. We're not a white-picket-fence-family-fun-night kinda family. I don't think we've ever eaten dinner together at a table outside of Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a Chinese Buffet our entire lives. Dad works out of state and as such is only home on weekends, so my entire relationship with him has revolved around watching him watch SciFi or the same movie fifty times in one weekend on HBO. I... didn't really get much from my relationship with my father.
My mom's great, but she's sometimes psychologically belittling, which can hurt sometimes a lot more than she thinks it does. All in all though, she's not too bad.

Long story short, family doesn't mean as much to me as friendship. I've been raised that "family" are people you either hate or ignore (though mostly it's both.) "Family will always be there for you!" Not mine, and if they're present, it's often begrudgingly.

Friends though. Friends don't "have" to be there for you - but they want to be. That's what's mad cool to me. And yeah, sometimes you lose friends. I've lost a lot. But the ones that are there to pick you up never cease to amaze you.

Maureen, whom I mentioned earlier? Yeah, I don't think I've hung out with her for like... four years. ...did that matter? No, we hung out for like four hours yesterday, and it was lovely. You'll be surprised who'll be there to catch you. I know that I always am.

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