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1. verb: to decrease in size
2. a psychiatrist or mental doctor
1. the cold water made my balls shrink
2. that crazy bitch should go see a shrink

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a therapist; comes from "brain shrinker"
My shrink says I have an Oedipal complex.

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That damn stranger who keeps coming to my house whenever my parents believe im crazy. *goes to a corner and holds his knees rocking back and forth, eye-twitching*
Parents: Damnit! We're calling the shrink again!

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Someone who matches your symptoms to whatever random disorder they've just pulled out of their ass.
My shrink told me I get SAD over winter and now I have to sell my car so she can tell me how much I suck each week.

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A therapist, one in the mental health profession, a "headshrinker"
Dude, I can't go out tomorrow night, I gotta meet with my shrink, he thinks I am depressed

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someone to "help" you with yoru problems
The mistake most of us make is that the state appointed shirnks are our "friends"


Personally, I hate being called a "Shrink" and I hope you can understand why. "Shrink" makes it sound like my sole purpose is to make you feel like crap... which I'm pretty sure is the last thing a good Psychologist wants to do. It also sounds like our job is to decompose you, break you down and whittle you til' we get what we want - a diagnosis. Psychologists understand more than anyone how complex a human is, and we like it that way. We wouldn't work with you if we didn't.

Psychology is the least understood professions. On TV, we're represented one of three ways:
1. Stuck up, prissy, and kind of dumb - missing the obvious in favor of something subtle.
2. "I'm too manly and awesome to go to the company therapist - therapy is for the weak minded. (1o minutes later) Waaaahhh Therapist! I'm so sad and you've truly brought out the real me!!"
3. Fucking Mind Readers.

Media is probably the number one reason we're so misrepresented. Believe it or not, we're human - we just understand the human mind a bit better than the average person. We're hardly stable ourselves; we all gots problems. Thing is, we're trained to help other people with their problems, and a good therapist does a good job - and I've been told I'm a pretty good therapist.

So please... stop calling us shrinks. Respect our profession; I don't call accountants "Penny Scrapers," I don't make lawyer jokes, I don't ask actors where they wait tables, I don't ask bio kids why they aren't going to medical school, I don't tell IPCR kids that their profession is going to get them killed, and I'm sure as hell not gonna tell an english major they're wasting their degree.

So don't be a dick. Don't call me a "shrink." I prefer "psychologist," "therapist," or "most attractive man I've ever seen."

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