Thursday, October 29, 2009

Twit This!

Isn't twitter a fantastic invention? Between twitter and facebook, I have a constant method to tell people things that they don't care about. But sometimes... someone says something on twitter or facebook where I think ", I hope their mother isn't friends with them" or "I hope their boss doesn't see this..." I started saving some of these tweets because of their sheer ridiculousness.

I love you guys to death and this is of course solely teasing... but I've seen a lot of blogs on things people really shouldn't have said on twitter, and I thought I'd make some of my own. (names have, of course, been removed, except for celebrities. If you recognize a tweet of yours and want it deleted, I will do so, but only because I'm nice. If you're offended by this post, do a reality check and grow up - this is meant to be a humorous post.)


There's a lot of different categories of stupid tweets, my favorite being the "I'M A DRUNK CELEBRITYYYYYY" tweets.

Kupono Aweau was on S5 of SYTYCD, a show where the contestants are generally considered to be great influences on people. Here, we see Kupono's tendency to tweet like a drunk fifteen year old girl.

Here's another one from another SYTYCD Celeb:

Okay, so originally I took the name and picture out of this next couple tweets, but I'm changing my mind. This is season 1 SYTYCD winner Nick Lazzarini:

Another drunk SYTYCD alum:

Sometimes celebs aren't drunk, they just say stupid, stupid shit. For instance, SYTYCD S3 alum Lauren Gottleib making fun of the people she's auditioning for. ...intelligent.

And SYTYCD judge/choreographer Lil' C tweeting about his disdain for fat chicks:

Okay, so you're not a Celeb, so how can twitter get you in trouble? Imagine being an employer and seeing these things on your employee's twitter.

(A classic facebook post from

Keep it classy, guys:

Please, don't tweet about how smart you are, because this is how it comes off to the rest of us:

Could be filed under "keep it classy" but I feel like this deserves a post of it's own. What have we learned about putting drinking photos on facebook?

And then there's one guy I used to follow who's just kind of a dick...

Now, I'm not going to pretend like I've never said something on twitter I shouldn't have. For instance, this little nugget:

I hope you guys enjoyed this and no one's offended. I had a lot of fun putting this together, it's been in the works since I joined twitter in June. I love my fritters soooo much!!! <33


  1. Dude, this was hilarious ^_^
    I should start collecting some pictures and status updates of my friends and send them back to them the next month just to show them the kinds of things they say XD
    Not going to lie, I've said some pretty dumb stuff on facebook before, that has put me in awkward situations.

  2. hahahaha

    ...oh and in a follow-up to my tweet about the worst paper ever: I got 80% on it. University is a joke, sometimes.

  3. Haha i love this. My favourite is the facebook girl and her boss! - Sadly, we had a similar situation, with one of my coworkers writing in his facebook he is done with the job and wants to quit, and saying our boss pissed him off: don`t know if he just didn`t think or if he forgot that he has his four coworkers (including our boss!) on facebook. DUH!

    I say some shit in Twitter and Facebook. But I also do it in person, I`m jsut a very blunt guy. Will never type (tweet or FB) anything I wouldn`t say, so I have no regrets :-)

  4. Haha, I try, but sometimes I am not sure what is going to come off as "terrible" to someone. I may think it's innocent, but they may feel otherwise?

    p.s. judging reality is asleep?