Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Poem

Another Classmate died today
cause of death; some genetic disease
I feel horribly about it
not because i miss him..
but because I hated him.
And I wonder, when I die, how many will feel the same way

These are the thoughts that go through my mind
late at night, when I can't sleep
as usual
When I finally do, my DiSaronno Dreams
are never enough

Ready, set, remember yet, the way I used to feel
and the way I used to be
I've grown so much, you haven't grown an ounce
though you'll gladly smoke it

Whirlwind romances only go so far
when the tornado stops
will you still keep me safe?

And when I finally close my eyes
you're all I see

I know you don't see me

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