Sunday, September 26, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I accidentally cut a guy off. Naturally, he proceeds to chase me for at least five blocks tailgating me the whole way, when I hit a stop sign and he pulls next to me, rolls down his window, and starts yelling. "I got kids in the car, and you drivin' like a dummy!! You drivin' like a dummy!" I snapped back "And you just chased me down!! Do you realize how unintelligent that is?!" He starts yelling "Oh, now I'm unintelligent? I'm unintelligent?!" as I drove away. He started tailing me again for a hot second but then stopped. I thought I was gonna have to call the cops.

He had a giant SUV, and I have a tiny Toyota Camry. The way I cut him off, had he hit me, he would have broadsided me. I would have been dead, his kids wouldn't have even woken up, and it would have been 100% my fault and he'd get off free of charge. Instead of driving away and thanking his lucky stars that nothing happened, he proceeded to STALK me. He had no idea who he was chasing down. I could have been a 400lb bodybuilder serial killer for all he knew.

I remained pretty calm, but I wanted to be like "do you realize what you just taught your kids? Do you realize that you just taught your kids that hunting a guy down for cutting you off is okay? Do you know that??" I'm glad I drove away, because honestly he could have beat my ass, but what he did is SO incredibly wrong. People need to learn to curb their road rage, because it's not okay. If someone pisses you off, shake your fist and move on. Jesus fucking Christ.

Of course, part of why he was yelling at me was the "poor" driving I showed after I cut him off, but I was driving a little crazy because he was on my tail, chasing me. I was trying to lose him. I don't drive like that normally - I'm actually a really good driver. I don't have problems like this, ever. Until tonight, I've never been so much as beeped at.

The entire drive home, any large, pale-colored car that was behind me scared me to death because I thought it was him again. I'm now basically terrified of large, pale SUV's. And of course, because it's night, I didn't get his license plate number or his car model, so there's nothing I can do other than remain in constant fear of large, pale SUV's.

Fuckin' people.

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