Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So a friend of mine tweeted tonight:

"if someone tells you about God and what He's done, it's because they care about you."

I think it's a sweet sentiment.

If you've read any of my blogs on religion, you'll find I have nothing against religion, but I do have something against the way it's frequently practiced.

Very rarely do I come across someone who is willing to admit they're a devout Christian unless they're telling me why I'm wrong about something with no other justification than "because the Lord says so."

Of course, I'm typing this as my mother is in the other room, praying. Just like she has every night, since before I was born.

My mother is a very self-aware Christian.

My Grandmother talks about her "conversations" with God, and how he talks to her. All of my grandmother's friends also talk about their "conversations" with God.

God doesn't talk to my mother.
She says this makes her care about religion even more. "Why doesn't he talk to me? I don't know, but I know he talks to them. I'll just keep trying."

Just because someone tries to Witness to you does not mean it's out of love. They try and tell themselves it's out of love, but what it's often out of is misunderstanding.

I've had protesters at gay functions try to tell me that what they're saying is out of Love. Most of them, I agree with; but it's not me in particular they care about, it's the fate of the world. Therefore, it's not me they love, it's not the gay community - true love and caring involves a deeper understanding of who a person is. Unfortunately, they look at the gay community the same way one of us would look at a drug addict - yes, they love and care about us our recovery. They look at us as a charity case, people to pity. People who don't know that they're behavior is going to send them to the fiery depths of hell.

And yes, in that respect, they "love" us.

That's not the kind of love I need.

Then again, in all fairness, I don't 100% understand them either. ...though I feel like I've a deeper understanding about how the world actually works.

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