Saturday, October 17, 2009

Celebrity Crushes

Let's talk about Celebrity Crushes.
...we all have them, stop pretending like you don't. He's the guy that at night, you fantasize about starting a band so you can go on tour with them and make them love you. Sure, these fantasies deny all common knowledge, expectations, and sexuality, but those are just annoying things that people say, i.e. "Oh, I have such a crush on Brad Pitt" yeah, well he's practically married to Angelina Jolie, so I guess you're out of luck. "Really? that's what tipped you off? Not the fact that I'm a dude, or that I've never met him, or that he's famous as fuck and I'm not, so I never will meet him? No, it's totally because Angelina Jolie is in my way - she's my only competition."

Anyways, here are my celebrity crushes!!!

<-Matt Cady, FannyPak
Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low ->

<-Joel McHale, The Soup (sorry Joel!)

Chris Hardwick, Web Soup ->

Mark Salling & Corey Monteith, Glee

Pasha Kovalev, So You Think You Can Dance

Jimmy Robbins

William Tell


Levi Johnston

I mean, I think that's a pretty good list. I also really like this one guy that occasionally pops up on the manhunt ads... he's a regulation hottie...

Tell me that's not a guy worth keepin' around, eh?

Anyways, who are your big celebrity crushes? Tell me about them! What's your fantasies about them?

(I'll tell you mine! Sometimes, I fantasize that I put a band together and we get hella famous and go on tour with All Time Low, Hey Monday, and Jimmy Robbins. I'm the first band to ever bring dancers on tour, and I bring Fanny Pak with me. Some nights I think about Matt Cady, some nights I think about Alex Gaskarth... some nights I imagine them fighting over me! Tee hee!)


  1. Haha love that you have so many celebrity crushes. My favourite one is link, although i personally think his "Ocarina of time" version is a little hotter than the "Wind Waker" version!

    I'm easy, I have only two celebrity crushes.

    For the longest time it's been James Marsden. Don't think he's actually that hot, but there's something about him that i love.
    My new crush is Patrick Wilson, as I find him completely adorable.
    The funny thing about these two? they both have amazing voices (if you hear them sing -James in "Enchanted" and Patrick in "Phantom of the Opera", they both are great)... didn't know they did before i got my crushes, but it makes them that much more desirable haha

  2. I liked Josh Hartnett for a while because he seemed like a nice midwestern guy, kinda low key.

    I like to think about making a band and getting famous too! and befriending musical hotties and writing songs and inspiring each other. But if I actually liked them, I don't know abotu going on tour, it'd probably lead to such drama!

    which of course, leads to a reality tv show!