Thursday, May 6, 2010

Haikus are more fun than they look.

I'm helping a friend of mine write haikus for her class or whatever about weather or something. here they are!!

When Summer Gets Hot
Girls Wear Less on Beaver Beach

The Leaves, they fall hard
alas, only in autumn
never in the spring

Air Conditioner
you relieve the summer's heat
high electric bill

cold root beer feels so good
why is it so damn hot out
fuck may, june, july

When the dryer breaks
try putting clothes outside
better for the earth

It's not just me, right?
the weather is way too warm.
Inconvenient Truth?

As May comes nearer
early onset senioritis?
a.d.d. worsens.

4 Ibuprofin
My finals give me headache
Please come soon, may eighth.

My roommate snores loud
it keeps me up all night
goddamned allergies.

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow
why did you touch my sunburn?
can't you see that hurts?

I hate to say this
but I'm breaking up with you
no love you long time

can you see the stars?
no, too much light pollution
maybe next decade

I have one question
I can haz cheesburger nao?
Sorry, lolcat, no.

I love hard science.
total aphrodisiac.
wanna make some love?

jokes about your mom
they will always be funny
your mom's a huge bitch

lightning storms occur
I hear getting hit hurts bad
AHH! WATCH OUT! *bzzzt* OW!

bees love the smell of
water lillies in the sun
not manly enough.

Is that a warm breeze?
It smells so... quite... horrendous.
Dad, did you just fart?

This warm summer day
all it needs is a cold beer
and a weekend off

D'you know Summer's Eve
is a brand of girl's hygeine?
yeah, I know, it's gross.

people are stupid
asking for too many favors
I'm not a genie.

Writing strange haikus
it's a way of life, bitches.
Suck it, suck it dry.

I hope you liked these!

(Also, Matt, my dear friend,
there is one about your mom
can you guess which one?)

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  1. I love you. More and more each day.