Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Your Dreams

So apparently, even guys in my sex dreams aren't attracted to me.

See, in my dream, I was sitting under the blankets cuddling this guy that is absolutely my type. Dark hair, some nice facial scruff, warm, comfortable, so damn hot...
and we start kissing a bit, and the hands go south...
...and unlike Lady Gaga, I couldn't "get him hard and show him I what I got..."
He then confessed that he just wasn't into me like he thought he was. We kissed each other a couple more times, and then I left because I couldn't have my heart broken any more.

Yep, unrequited love even in my dreams. Like seriously? My sex dreams suck.

I didn't even know that stuff happened. No wait... just kidding. All of my sex dreams are effing strange. I don't know why I'm surprised. Frustrated? Definitely. The worst part is, unlike a lot of other people, I can feel in my dreams. So I know what it was like to be touching and kissing this guy, and he wasn't even real. Buh I'm gonna be thinking about this all day.

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