Saturday, July 4, 2009


Okay, so a friend of mine recently convinced me to join ManHunt.
I've had no luck with other internet dating sites, but didn't want to join manhunt because it just seemed well... slutty.
"But no!" he said, "there's a lot of guys on there who aren't just looking for sex. I'm one of them! Trust me."

So finally I caved.
Made an account.
The profiles there are nice and simple, so here's what I wrote:

"I'm not on here for sex, I'm looking for a friend to turn into a relationship.
Send me a message if you'd like to get to know me."

Believe it or not, that's a long profile on there, since it seems most people are "Man, I love fuckin'. Wanna fuck my ass?"

Within 24 hours, I had two men over 50 tell me that they wanna have sex with me, and then this gem of a message:

"sum suck my canon... u do realize this is a sex site. love to see you naked"

Okay for starters, "sum suck my canon"? Did he mean "cum" or "some"? Well, to break it down - the first way is bad grammar and the second way is poor spelling. I like men with IQ's higher than that of mayonnaise, thank you.

Secondly, when someone at a bar says "I don't drink, I come here for the fries," do you shove a drink in their face and scream "this is a bar, now chug!!!" or do you buy them some fucking fries? You buy them some goddamn waffle fries or you leave them the fuck alone. Dang, Mustang! Forward much?

Thirdly, "love to see you naked". a) that's completely untrue. Very few people enjoy seeing me naked. b) I just got some new clothes, and contrary to popular belief they look way better on me than on your floor, got it?

I got another message from a guy today that simply said "Yo."
What does one say to that?
He's cute, but since profiles on this site have to be short I know next to nothing about him..
so what did I say back?
"Yo, what's good."
What else am I supposed to say? He gave me nothing to work with. For all I know he just wants to sex me up, so I'm not gonna be like "hey, here's my screen name let's talk!!" But what if he wants more than that and just assumed I wasn't going to respond? At least he's not like the other guy who tried to condescend his dick into my mouth.

Welcome to my first post.
I'm sure I'll have more adventures in internet dating to bitch about.
Among other various things.
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