Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Irritable Male Syndrome


Irritable Male Syndrome.

It's like PMS, 'cept for Dudes.

And I got it bad.

I totally snapped at this guy that was being condescending tonight (as was deserved.)
...I've also snapped at people who don't deserve it.
Like some good friends who I short-fused on. Sorry guys... it's just sometimes, when you don't get something simple that I'm talking about, it gets incredibly frustrating, and my patience can't take it. Or when you judge me for something undeservedly, I'm liable to snap. Sorry.

I IMS for a couple days every couple of months... and apparently, I'm picking this week.
I just feel... on edge. I'm impatient with everything right now. It's sorta like caffeine overdose, only angrier.

Hopefully this clears the eff up soon. I feel like I'm peaking, but I guess we'll see.

Anybody reading this? If so, leave me your opinions - is IMS real shit, or are we just fakin' it?

We're not.

So tell me an IMS story! You just might have one!

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  1. As the author of the book, The Irritable Male Syndrome, I appreciate your letting people know about it. It's very common, affecting males of all ages, but particularly guys between 15 and 25 and between 40 and 55.

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