Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thunderpants, Assemble!

How in God's Fuck did we miss this amazing movie?!
"Thunderpants is a 2002 family film about a boy whose incredible capacity for flatulence gets him a job as an astronaut." - Wikipedia

Patrick Smash was born with two stomachs which makes him "uncontrollably and devastatingly flatulent."

Patrick Smash is, of course, the fat kid in the astronaut suit.
Do you know who the nerdy motherfucker on the right is?
Allen A. Alan, aka Rupert Grint aka RON FUCKING WEASLEY OMG.

Also in the movie?
Paul Giamatti and Keira Knightly WHAT THE EFF??

I know, I know, I can't believe any of this either, but it's right there on Wikipedia. You gotta check this shit out.

Thunderpants on Wikipedia

Anyone wanna watch this with me?

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